There are very few companies in the agricultural industry that have the confidence to encourage 100% transparency with their customers. At SunnyBee, we understand that when someone claims their produce is "high quality" they could mean a number of different things from nutritional content, low pesticide use, days in storage, etc. Even the word "organic" has several connotations with limited ways to confirm the authenticity of the claim. Therefore, SunnyBee aims to give you and your family products you can trust. Through extensive farmer training, produce quality testing and continual introduction of better technology to farmers, we have the confidence to claim that our products are safe for consumption - without using any misleading labels. Here is a little more information about how we do that:.

Our Process


Responsibly Farmed

Responsibly Farmed

Each farmer who works with us is mentored by agronomists and experts from Government and NGOs to continually reduce the use of harmful chemicals, and to use the correct farming techniques. They are continually improving the quality of their produce. SunnyBee helps these farmer by continually testing the produce against global standards such as Codex Alimentarius, and providing them feedback.


Transported Professionally

Transported Professionally

At SunnyBee, we take care to ensure that even after harvesting, products are treated hygienically and with respect. You will never find a SunnyBee truck with people sleeping on top of the produce, nor will you find our products transported in sacks. We believe that fruits and vegetables deserve more respect than that.


Graded for Quality

Graded for Quality

After reaching Chennai, the SunnyBee team checks all products once again in our centralized distribution center, to ensure that we try our best to limit potential quality issues. Being biological products, fruits and vegetables change frequently in size, shape, color, and smell over their life cycle. We try to catch what we can.


Brought to you with Love

Brought to you with Love

After all that work that goes in behind the scenes, we know our customers prefer a nicer experience than regular shopping in the city. We try to ensure that our customer service, store ambiance, and product quality are second to none so that shopping for your daily vegetables doesn't have to be a chore anymore. You just might enjoy it.

Our Store Locations


15/11 Nehru Nagar,
2nd Main Road,
Adyar, Chennai.
(Opp.EB Office / Near Nalli Silks)

Besant Nagar

Old No. 38, New No.64,
Rukmani Street,
Kalakshetra Colony,
Besant Nagar, Chennai 600090.

Mahindra World City

The Canopy,
Mahindra World City,
Paranur Village,
Chengalpattu, Chennai.


6th Main Road,
Near Roja Medicals Bus Stop,


1/72, ECR,
Near Grand Sweets,
Palavakkam, Chennai.


SunnyBee Fruits and Vegetables Mart,
Greens Riviera,#75,
Radhakrishnan St.,
Palaniappa Nagar,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600095


SunnyBee Fruits and Vegetables Mart,
#1, Arunachalam Road,
First Cross St.,
SSR Pankajam Cross St,
Kumaran Colony,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600093


SunnyBee Fruits and Vegetables Mart,
KPM's Classic,
Old 52/53, New, 125,
Rangarajapuram Main Rd,
KG NTR Heritage, Nagarjuna Nagar,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600024

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